# DNAME records

A CNAME (Canonical Name) record creates an alias between hostnames in the same domain or in different domains.
A DNAME (Delegation Name) record creates an alias between different domains.
For example:

NS1 is authoritative for the left.org domain:
left.org DNAME right.com

NS2 is authoritative for the right.com domain:
www.right.com A
*.right.com A

All DNS queries for a hostname in the left.org domain are answered with an alias that points the same hostname, but in right.com domain:
C:\> nslookup

> www.left.org

Name:    www.right.com
Aliases:  www.left.org

> right.left.org

Name:    right.right.com
Aliases:  right.left.org


RFC 2672

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